Upholstery Cleaning Tips Bellevue WA

It is important to know how to take care of the upholstery in your home.  Like carpets, upholstery is a big financial investment and can affect your health.

Time is crucial when a spill happens., but it is just as important when everyday dirt and dust accumulates on your furniture.

Before Cleaning Your Upholstery Make Sure To Vacuum It

Vacuuming your upholstery is number one on the list. If your upholstery is looking grayish, have stains and spots, or you have pet hair on it, before you do anything else vacuum it. If you have an upholstery attachment, use it.  It will get in all the corners and clean all the cushions.

For Fresh Stains -Blot Immediately

If  something just spilled, you  want to make sure that it doesn’t soak into the furniture stuffing or  stain  the upholstery fabric.  Make sure you blot with a clean white cloth.  Try not to spread the stain.

If you could not get to the spill quickly and it becomes an old stain, call a professional carpet cleaner

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