Myths and Truths about Carpet Cleaning Bellevue WA

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth:  Wait as long as you can before cleaning your carpets for the first time because they will never look the same again.

Truth: Waiting too long to have your carpets cleaned will create possible health hazards and make the job harder for your carpet cleaner to get them clean.

Myth:  Carpet cleaning will change the shape of the carpet or shrink them.

Truth:  Carpets will not shrink unless the carpet cleaner leaves the carpet very wet.

Myth:  I should only clean my carpets if  they are stained.

Truth:  Carpets become dirty not only from spills, but from dirt that becomes embedded in carpets and which may not be noticeable.  The smart and responsible thing is  to have your carpet cleaned at least once a year by a professional, especially if you have small children or pets in the house.Myth:  I don’t have to clean my carpet because it has a built-in stain resistance from the factory.

Truth:  Although carpets with stain resistance will help with accidental spills, dirt still gets under the fibers and should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.Myth:  Cleaning your carpet often damages the fibers.

Truth: Cleaning your carpets frequently maintains the original appearance,  helps indoor air quality and protects your investment.Myth:  Carpet cleaning will remove my carpet protector.

Truth: Foot traffic actually loosens it up  the protector more than anything. Stain protector should be re-applied after carpet cleaning.

Myth: Inexpensive leaners do just as good a job, only for less.

Truth:  Hire a cleaner that you trust and stands behind what they do.   A bad carpet-cleaning job can leave your carpet worse off than it was to begin with.Myth:  Why do I need a professional carpet cleaner if I have my own carpet-cleaning machine?

Truth: Your own machine is helpful between professional carpet cleans.  These household machines do not have the suction power professional machines do. Because of this, the stain gets loosened up, but the residue is not completely removed from the carpet itself. It’s best to still have your carpet cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.


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