Issaquah WA Carpet Cleaner Recommends Carpet Protection

Why It's Worth Purchasing Carpet Protection for Your New Carpet


By: Gene Rodriguez, III

Carpet protection is a great way to protect an expensive investment. After going to the time, trouble and expense of installing carpet, it only makes sense that you'd do everything you could to keep your carpet looking like new. Whether applied at the factory or at home, carpet protection gives you peace of mind and makes cleaning up a snap.

Benefits Of Carpet Protection

  • Ease of clean up. Carpet protection products limit the ability of spilled materials to grab onto carpet fibers. This makes the clean up of spills a simple matter.
  • A longer window of opportunity. The stain-blocking nature of carpet protection products gives you more time to deal with a spill. Although you'll want to deal with spills as soon as possible, carpet protection can remove the "panic factor" associated with spill clean up.
  • Easier maintenance. Not only does carpet protection provide stain-fighting capability, it also makes it harder for dirt to grab onto carpet fibers. This means that regular vacuuming is easier and more effective.
  • Improved appearance. Carpet protection solutions are a barrier to stains and dirt. This keeps your carpet looking like new for a longer period, increasing the value of your carpet purchase.

How Is Carpet Protection Applied?

Carpet protection solutions can be applied in a number of ways:

  • Factory - Carpet protection solutions are applied during the manufacturing process. Factory applied carpet protection is the simplest method, removing the wasted time and hassles of home application.
  • Professional Installer - A professional installer may apply carpet protection after installation. If your carpet comes with carpet protection, the manufacturer will often recommend that it be professionally re-applied after steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaning.
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