Continental Carpet Care Offers Spring Cleaning Tips Bellevue WA

With Spring here, Winter Clothes should be Cleaned and Stored.


Launder and CleanClean and launder everything before you get started. Lingering oils (deodorants, perfumes) can discolor fabric over time — and food stains will attract moths. 70°F (or below) is the target storage temp to avoid damaging fibers or setting stains, and low light and low humidity are ideal. Don't plan on storing in dry-cleaning bags (they can yellow fabrics and trap moisture), and don't iron with starch — bugs love it!

CoatsDo up buttons, zip up zippers, and empty out pockets; then hang structured or down coats on thick wooden hangers inside a breathable canvas garment bag. Polyfill-stuffed coats can go in vacuum-seal bags, compressed halfway for space.

AccessoriesPlace gloves and rolled-up scarves loosely together in a plastic bin. Stuff shaped hats with tissue paper before placing in a hatbox or another breathable container.

Boots and ShoesRemove dirt from rubber and lug soles with a wire brush, then clean the rest with a shoe brush. Sprinkle in baking soda, tuck in shoe trees, and stuff legs with white tissue paper.  Store boots upright.

SweatersFold into thirds, then in half, and stack in a plastic bin, heaviest knits on the bottom. Place white tissue paper between layers if color transfer is a concern or to keep any embellishments from snagging

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