Choosing a Reputable Carpet Cleaner Bellevue WA

Springtime is a time when most people air out their homes and thoroughly clean out winter from their home and carpets. 

If you are seeking a professional carpet cleaning service, be sure to do your homework and ask the right questions.

  • Ask your family, friends and neighbors who they use to clean their carpets.
  • Price does matter. Look for quality at a fair price.  Usually, companies who have been around for a while have good reputations.  The lowest price is not always the best price. Make sure that you are not being baited.  Remember – very low prices can mean “bait and switch”.   
  • Ask questions.  Find out what you get for your money.
  • Ask who will be coming to your home.  Are they bonded and insured? Who is responsible if the crew damages the carpet or other items in your home?
  • Find out what care is required after the cleaning. How long will it take to dry? What kind of ventilation is needed? Can you get a written guarantee?


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