Carpet Cleaner Bellevue WA Offers Quick Tips to Clean House


How to Clean Your House in 10 Minutes

Clean Sweep

By Natasha Burton

Shoving everything into closets and under the bed is one way to clean up fast. But for a more satisfying solution, we asked cleaning and organizing pros for tips on tidying up fast. Here, 11 things you can do to spruce up your space in about ten minutes.

·  Choose Wisely

Chances are, you won't be able to make your entire home spotless in ten short minutes but you also don't need to. Instead, focus on the rooms in which you spend the most time.  Clean the bathroom, kitchen, and TV room and just de-clutter the rest.

·  Grab & Go

In order to clean your home quickly, you'll need to be prepared. First, make sure you have the right supplies: The cleaning pros  recommend having microfiber cloths, magic erasers, glass cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner handy. The experts at also suggest putting these products in a bucket or a caddy that you can easily take from room to room. That way you won't waste precious time running around the house looking for what you need.

·  Start Here

Using a systematic approach guarantees all areas are cleaned without having to retrace your steps, say the experts at The Maids housekeeping service. For every room you clean, start at the entrance and clean left to right, top to bottom, leaving the middle until last. Another tip: Use only the amount of product required to do the job, otherwise you'll just waste time wiping up the excess.

·  Spray Away

To start the cleaning process, professional organizers advise spraying down toilet bowls, countertops (including the stovetop), and sinks first so the product can loosen surface stains. This should take a minute, tops. If you're really short on time, organizing experts say to just use baby wipes on surfaces all over your house, from tables to faucets. "It might not be 'super-clean' but these areas will definitely look better," she says.

·  Fill 'Er Up

While the areas you sprayed are getting prepped by cleaning solutions, take two to three minutes to fill an empty laundry basket with all the random stuff lying in the living room and entryway.   For paper clutter, it is suggested that you collect mail, flyers, brochures, and magazines separately and temporarily put them in a sturdy box or expanding file. Use your microfiber cloth to dust cleared surfaces as you go.

·  Bathroom Bonanza

Yes, this room can be done in two minutes! First, focus on the toilet, sink and mirror.  (Luckily, two out of three of these have already been sprayed!) After wiping surfaces, spray down the mirror with a glass cleaner to scrub away toothpaste splash, then remove any waste—an overflowing trashcan can look and smell icky. If needed, stash countertop products in a small basket under the sink, No one will look there.

·  Kitchen Catch-Up

Wipe over the surfaces you've already prepped, then stash all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher even if it's overflowing. While you won't want to run a too-full dishwasher, using it temporarily for storage is quicker than washing and putting everything away. No dishwasher? If you're in a time crunch, stack dishes under the sink.

·  Pillow Perfect

Don't forget small but important touches, Take 30 seconds to put magazines in neat piles and fluff pillows—these details will give any room a finished look, no matter how fast you cleaned it.

·  Vacuum Last

Save a few minutes to vacuum at the end of your quick clean—it will ensure you'll catch any dust that fell on the floor, A short run of the vacuum—even just in the living room, entryway, and on kitchen floors—can refresh these areas. After all, nothing says "clean" like those telltale carpet lines.

·  Don't Fixate

A major key to cleaning your home quickly, is to not obsess over a small stain or imperfection. "Many people choose to focus on one specific mark if it's being persistent," they say. "Know when it's time to move on to another project or room because focusing on one stubborn stain can waste precious time."

Extra Time?

If you somehow have an extra minute (or two) to spare,  wipe your windows. "Windows are a magnet for smears and are easily seen but are simple to clean—just some glass cleaner and paper towels or newspaper will remove smudges."


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